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Review: No Nap

No Nap

MRP: Rs 350
Road accidents kill 13 lakh people every year, while Indians make up two lakh of these fatalities. To put this into perspective, India houses less than 1% of automobiles worldwide, but still accounts for a staggering 15% of total road traffic deaths. A vast majority of these casualties are attributed to driver errors, some of which are caused by fatigued motorists dozing off at the wheel. Fortunately, Chinese ingenuity has spawned a cheap and inexpensive solution dubbed No Nap, which promises to prevent drivers from nodding off.

How It Works
No Nap is a nifty anti-snooze alarm that sounds an audible tone when the driver falls asleep at the wheel. This potentially lifesaving device clips onto your ear and stays put as long as your head is upright. As soon as you tilt your head forwards, say when nodding off to sleep, a ball bearing shifts position and shorts the circuit connected to the inbuilt speaker. This activates an alarm that blasts an effective 100 dB beep, jolting the driver into consciousness. Powered by three button cells, the mechanism is simple yet effective.
A cheaper, but considerably more uncomfortable, all-plastic alternative can be purchased from for $1.7 (Rs 75 approx), shipping included. However, that will take well over a month to reach your doorstep. Unlike the previous all-plastic version, No Nap’s revised design is relatively more ergonomic and secure, thanks to a soft rubber clip that hooks onto your ear. Moreover, the updated version is slim enough to be used in conjunction with spectacles. This cannot be said of the original. Its light weight ensures that wearing one isn’t much of an annoyance. Bikers can use this device too, provided the helmet isn’t too tight.

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