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MacBook Air Storage And Memory To Double

Reports speak of RAM being doubled from 2 GB to 4 GB, ahead of Mac OS Lion release.

The internet is rife with reports on the goodies lined up for MacBook Air‘s impending update. The inbuilt SSD drive is expected to be doubled from 64 GB to 128 GB, up to a maximum of 256 GB for the high end models. The default RAM configuration of 2 GB will also be doubled to 4 GB in anticipation of the impending Mac OS Lion. This is especially remarkable because this upgrade is worth $100 (Rs 4500 approx) otherwise. Other improvements to the new MacBook include a back-lit keyboard, a claimed battery life of 7 hours, latest Sandy Bridge based Intel processors, upgraded graphics, and the much touted Thunderbolt interface. The new MacBook Air range is expected to release at the end of next week.

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Samsung’s Solar Powered Netbook Goes On Pre-Order

Currently available on

Greenpeace activists can now happily tweet about the environment without hurting it at the same time. This has become possible thanks to the Samsung NC215 netbook.
The NC215 sports a solar panel on its lid that can charge the netbook’s 6-cell battery. Of course, you can go outdoors and use it solely on solar power to “save the environment”. For the sake of energy efficiency, the netbook will only be available in black. It offers decent specs including a dual-core Atom N570 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 3.0. The software department will be taken care of by Windows 7 Starter Edition.

Those interested can book this $399 (approx Rs 20,000) netbook on or wait till it is available in India

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Review: Dell XPS 15z

Apple, be warned: the Dell XPS 15z has definitely got the 15-inch MacBook Pro in it’s sights. Elegantly designed, with an aluminum chassis, chrome strip and a well laid out keyboard, it’s clearly gunning for Apple’s high style quotient. The hardware under the hood is quite impressive as well. But is all this enough to steal the MacBook Pro’s thunder?
Packaging and Contents
The packaging is what we’ve come to expect from Dell’s XPS series. A stylish box houses the device along with the charging adapter and a bunch of CDs.
First Impression
Look at the device from a distance and you will be forgiven for mistaking it for a MacBook Pro as it has the same silver matte finish. But what distinguishes it is a unique hinge, prominent Dell logo and a chrome strip around the border. Lift the lid and you will be greeted by a 15.6-inch Full HD Widescreen display and a well laid out, backlit, chicklet style keyboard.

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