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Review: Creative Zen Style M300

Product: Creative Zen Style M300

MRP: Rs 3499 (4 GB); Rs 4999 (8 GB)

Smile Offers Bluetooth connectivity
Sad smileControls suck; Poor audio quality; The screen will make your eyes bleed; Poor stock earphones

Operational Difficulties
Ok, so maybe I don’t feel that bad trashing this thing. The M300 comes with basic touchscreen controls. Actually, more like punch screen controls. I have touched, groped, poked, scratched, stepped on, and even peed on the controls, but they simply wouldn’t respond properly.

While the up and down arrows worked after two firm pokes, the Play \ Pause and Menu buttons were infuriatingly unresponsive. I would often tap away furiously at the Play button and after about six to eight taps, the player would respond. The Menu was a bigger task: if you tapped too fast, the menu would disappear and you’d have to try again. Ironic that the promo images have a feminine, well-groomed, Caucasian finger erotically touching the screen. That faceless woman has betrayed me with her misleading ways.

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