Apple’s much-awaited next-generation iPhone, iPhone 5, may launch in the second half of August, reports CNET.UK.
According to CNET, new job postings for a number of iPhone sales staff in the UK suggest a mid-August launch for Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

The post seeks an “Apple iPhone sales specialist” to work for two and a half months in Apple retail stores beginning in mid-August for what recruiter Gekko calls “an exciting project”. Gekko is reportedly the recruiter who posted the listings.
“Our client, Apple, one of the largest consumer electronic hardware and software companies in the world are seeking full-time iPhone Sales Staff for an exciting project to work 5 days a week (Tuesday-Saturday) for the period 16th August – 29th October within key retail stores,” goes the job posting.

Though listing per se is no concrete evidence of iPhone 5 launch, it definitely shows that preparation for a new device are underway.

According to Apple Insider, Apple has also aligned three key suppliers of gallium arsenide for iPhone 5, as the company prepares to begin mass production of the handset for launch later this year.
According to a recent DigiTimes report too, the new iPhone will launch in the third quarter of calender year 2011. This means that the device could be unveiled anytime between now and the end of September. Earlier this month, it was said that Apple placed orders for 15 million iPhones from manufacturer Pegatron.

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