Indian App Helps Move From Facebook To Google+


Simplifies moving from Facebook to the new social networking sensation.

Google+ is the talk of the town and even though it is still in a limited trial run, people seem to be scurrying to get in. To help such people, an Indian developer has launched an app that eases the process of moving from rival Facebook to Google+. The app in question is called Move2Picasa, developed by Pune-based web developer Aman Kumar Jain.

The app lets you move your FB albums to Picasa, after which you can share it with your Circle in Google+. Currently available only at the Chrome Webstore, therefore only for the Google Chrome web browser, this app installs as a plug-in. Once installed, you can click on the icon appearing on the right side of the address bar to start transferring your photo albums from FB to the Picasa account you are currently logged into. Needless to say, you need to be logged into your FB account as well for this to work.
The app has seen over 10,000 users putting migration requests. Jain says, “I did not think it will get such a response. We moved 4 lakh photos which took up lot of resources. We have a long request queue waiting, so we have temporarily paused accepting requests“.
The app has limited functionality at present. You can either transfer all photos or none at all. Will Facebook ban this app? It doesn’t seem likely, since it uses FB’s API and does not violate any of its rules. Then again, you never know.


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