Google+ Button In New Android Devices?

Social networking is an integral part of a most people’s lives today, irrespective of their profession. This is mainly due to the fact that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (which is still in its initial stages) keep users connected with their friends and family. Recently, HTC showed off its ChaCha and Salsa at MWC 2011, which took social network integration to a whole new level. The two handsets came with a dedicated Facebook button at the bottom of the phone, allowing users easy one-touch access to the social networking website.
Now, rumors suggest that the next Nexus device could feature a similar button, only this time it will be for Google+ instead. Seems interesting? Well, there is no confirmation regarding this, so it’s better to take the news with a pinch of salt. The info comes from the Facebook page of an individual named Google Plus, who states that he got the information from an “official” Google employee. This button apparently lets users share app info or data with their Google+ contacts at the press of a button. He further claims that the next Google branded handset will be manufactured by HTC. This contradicts earlier reports which suggested that Samsung will be making the next Nexus device, dubbed the Nexus Prime


The Nexus One was not as successful as most had expected. HTC had to take the fall for the poor sales and Google decided to go with Samsung for its successor, the Nexus S. Hence, it seems very unlikely that Google will go back to HTC for the Android 4.0 handset. Having said that, we never know what the folks at Google might be up to. A Nexus handset manufactured by HTC could explain the Google+ button, since HTC has done something similar with the ChaCha and the Salsa.

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