Logitech Launches Cooling Pad N200 For Laptops

Pop quiz. Ever wondered why your family jewels have been blackballed (no pun intended) to forever hang outside the body cavity? That’s because sperms do not like heat. When mother nature perfected the human blueprint, the only other sources of heat were wildfires and active volcanoes. You see, it was highly unlikely for your average Neanderthal \ Homo Erectus to ever attempt teabagging an active volcano. However, she sure didn’t envision us building potent crotch ovens, otherwise known as laptops.


If you have had enough of your testes being baked by your quad-core laptop, Logitech brings succour in the form of the Cooling Pad N200. Sporting large grilles and equally huge fans, the laptop cooler claims to deliver more airflow at lower rpm. That should ideally translate into silent operation and a lower power draw. However, that’s subject to review, so keep your eyes peeled for one.
“Laptops can overheat on uneven surfaces or without proper ventilation. The Logitech Cooling Pad N200 solves this problem by keeping laptops cool, wherever you use them”, explains Subrotah Biswas, Country Manager for Logitech. The guy talks sense because trousers, bedsheets, and foam tend to block vents and cause overheating. The USB-powered N200 lets you select between two fan speeds, as well as an option to switch it off completely. It’s touted to be lightweight, and features a front lip to securely hold your laptop in place.

According to Logitech’s press release, the cooler enables a blissful computing experience on “the couch, the bed even the floor”. Okay, now I’m not even sure if we’re on the subject of laptop coolers any more. Jokes aside, if you’re interested in starting a family, the Logitech Cooling Pad N200 retails at an MRP of Rs 1595. The rest of us will probably continue treating our laptops as expensive contraceptives.

  1. #1 by agence référencement mulhouse on July 16, 2011 - 6:51 pm

    You just answered my question !

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