HTC Desire Android 2.3 Update Coming Soon

HTC Desire was one of the company’s flagships at the time of its launch, but the handset has been left behind today, with the arrival of other HTC droids (as is the case with any Android smartphone). As a result, the company had announced that the Android 2.3 update will not be provided to the Desire, a statement it retracted almost immediately. Yet there was no specific time frame mentioned by the company. While some users in the UK have already received the update, others around the world are still left waiting.

HTC has put out the word on Facebook that the company has finished testing the Gingerbread update and it’s only a matter of time before they roll it out to users all over the world. The company says that most users around the world will get the update by the end of this month. However, HTC Desire users may be disappointed to learn that the update comes with certain limitations. Since the HTC Desire has limited ROM capacity (512 MB), some of the application will be removed from the update. Nevertheless, the applications can be downloaded to the smartphone without much trouble from the Android Market or HTC’s app hub.
It’s good to know that HTC will be rolling out the update to most of its users, which shows that old customers are still a priority for the company. That being said, most users will have already opted for custom ROMs to get the Gingerbread experience. Developer groups like XDA and Cyanogen Mod make it easier for the users to get the latest Android experience without having to wait for the update provided by the manufacturer.

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